So as it it stands, I’m officially three days away from filming my latest flick via IFSS, “Terror By Night“.

What can I say? I’m nervous as hell. Shaking in my dorky CSO’s that I bought to combat the effort of -sigh- laces. On the other hand, y’know they make ’em in leather, too? I gotta get me some of those.

But for real, nervous. This is the biggest production I’ve done. HIOP inclusive. What makes it worse is that I’m working with bros and pros alike. Y’know you’re doing well when you have a guy called Breakenback on your set. If he were any taller, pretty sure he could wear me as a hat.

In saying all this? Love my cast, love my crew (mostly), love the script. I’m excited. Fuckin’ bring it.

Last four weeks have been tough. I’ve made some pretty neat connections, sure, but dealt with a lot of bullshit in the meantime. One great experience I’ll always remember is standing in the Orthodox church in Burwood on Aleeya’s shoot, surrounded by like, forty kids. Amazing stuff.

One not so great experience is getting my tubby ass sunburnt doing sound for a misogynist fucktard. yeah, no thanks.

It’s weird, talking about all this like I’m actually in the biz. I haven’t even worked with anyone from my bucket list yet (Felicia Day and Rob Schrab, expect a few emails in the coming years).

It’s also refreshing. I’m where I need to be. Be it in film or on YouTube in the end, this was a mistake I had to make. I say ‘mistake’ because I guess I wasn’t ready yet to slog through it. Not ready for the workload, not ready for the responsibility. Coming off of a shaky month of dating and the final hours of HiOP did not a good start to 2011 make. I’m “where I need to be” according to the powers that be, but behind that? Is a slightly neurotic fat kid who just wants a girlfriend longer than two months and sneak in a few hours of “Silent Hill” amidst all the passionate -albeit awkward and oh-so-coming-of-age lovemaking.


Yeah, that sounded weird. Off to bed with me.

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