Holy shit. That was an awesome five days of shooting possibly one of the best works I’ve done, and I’m really not too sure what to put here to sum up my entire feelings overall.. But hey, haven’t blogged in a while so here goes!

NB: Listening to Soul Asylum as I write this, so forgive me if I get a little overemotional… (Yeah, so I get overemotional over the stupidest things anyway. What of it?)

I’m thankful that I now no longer need to stress about the next day’s shoot, or how to feed everyone, or how the next shot will turn out, or location/actor/crew dramas.

I’m feeling accomplished that I’ve completed what I originally thought was nigh-on impossible in the direction it ended up. More to the point, a flick which I probably had no business/no past experience in writing. Though old habits die hard, so a few boner jokes and oddball comedy moments made it in the final script. In the end this was a creative move I know I had to make and as a result, I feel so much better creatively that I saw this to it’s conclusion. So many scripts/videos/songs/blog posts don’t end up even seeing the light of day for various reasons, but taking this and hitting the ball running left me with an end product I am fucking proud of. In the end, while we didn’t get everything I wanted, in ways the flick ended up BETTER as a result and more how I was envisioning it when writing the first draft a while back on Hallam’s couch, nursing a hangover.

I’m a little melancholy that it all had to end. Aside from a few (names removed to protect the guilty) I couldn’t have asked for better people to work with in the end. It was an amazing fucking ride. So much so that I’m drafting a part two of sorts… You know, like any slasher director worth his salt.

I don’t know if this is a genre I wish to truly revisit, but only time will tell. With my wishing to move well away from the title of Purveyor of Dick Jokes for a while, it’s a likely possibility.

The following isn’t really in order of appearance, but I’m sure I haven’t missed anyone.

To all of you: It was a pleasure. Thankyou so much. Hope to work with you guys again in the future.

Kayne: Shot to the end and you’re to blame sir. Thanks for keeping us on schedule, me focused and enabling this project to come to a satisfying conclusion.

David: Thanks for making my actors look so gosh-darned pretty. It was enjoyable being on a shoot with a DOP so enthusiastic and willing to work on the same level as I.

Dee: Thanks for flitting almost seamlessly between cam assist and sound recordist.

Louis: Thanks for picking up the sound-recordist ball when Dee couldn’t and when that other guy bailed, thanks for also being a runner when needed and for the laughs.

Ande: Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to help out where needed. Also thanks for the proverbal kicks to the junk. My ego probably shouldn’t be too inflated now, should it?

Damien: Thanks for the set photography. Photos look awesome.

Laura: Having not worked with a Makeup artist before (at least, on a production I’m helming), t’was certainly an eye opener to the timeframe that you guys need. Thankyou for the zombification process on Margareta and Chris, also thankyou for your infinite patience while we shot the flick.

Luke: Thanks for the hard work on the props. They looked amazing!

Katharine: Thanks for the artwork, they looked amazing both on and off set!

Ash: Thanks for the late-night Skype script editing, the advice, the encouragement to go in a direction I was initially apprehensive about. As always, I appreciate the effort.

Alex and Igor: Thanks for making sure none of us kill ourselves. Stunt training was a blast, hope to do it all again soon.

Toya/Kate/Cahly/Jacqui/Simon/Daniel/Brendon: Thanks for filling in blanks, taking food orders, taking photos, taking video, keeping me sane and generally being awesome. You have no idea how much I appreciate this.

(also, a further p.s. to Kate, Brendon and Simon: Sorry about the fake blood.)

(P.P.S. to Brendon: Sorry for the callsheet fuckup.)

Luis/Chantel/Belle: Thanks for letting us invade your house for a week. Hope Radiohead helped ease any headaches from the experience. Love you guys.

Jordan: Nothing but love for you sir and you know it.. Thankyou for playing Heath in the only way I could imagine him: Frantic and Canadian.

Cassady: You’ve very quickly become one of my favourite actresses I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Thankyou for playing an Amy that surpassed my script expectations. Also, thanks for the CD. It’ll find its way into my car stereo soon enough! Hope to see you on the FiascoCast panel very soon!

Chris: My only regret is that Jordan didn’t introduce us sooner. Thanks for doubling up as a protagonist and the antagonist. It’s a tough gig but -even with your acting experience, you nailed it like I hoped.

Stephanie: Thankyou for your infinite patience, for the scenes we ended up using Bonnie for and thanks for always ensuring a great performance. Hope to work with you again. Who knows? maybe we’ll get all your scenes in next time!

Vanessa: I handed you a character I hadn’t completely thought out despite creating her a few years prior and you ‘furiously’ made it your own. Way to go. Thanks for playing Leanne. Was interesting seeing another take on the character.

Margareta: Thanks for doubling up as both Suzanne and a demon. Fantastic work from you.

Other Chris: Thanks for coming in at the last minute. Was appreciated.

And lastly… additional props to Simon for taking on a supporting role at the last minute, Stephen/Miro/Karel for the encouragement, suggestions, additions and feedback, Hallam/Amy-Kate for the initial inspiration and Brenton/Niamh for putting up with the last-minute scheduling and house invasions.

We’ve shot this fucker. Now to survive editing!


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