Quick, what’s the worst thing you can say to a content creator?

I think “You’re not funny, you fat neckbearded c–t” still ranks in my top ten.

But I’m not talking about criticism on a silly video I posted up on YouTube here.

How about…. “Hurry up?”

Does it make your skin crawl when someone else–who you’re not indebted to–imposes a deadline?

“Hurry up!”

I recently encountered some static regarding the recent episode of “FiascoCast!” from a listener. Asking me when “it’s their turn on the show.” Conversation went like this. Names and haircolours changed to protect the innocent:

ME: “I dunno. Episode after next?”

OTHER GUY: “Will that be before or after my retirement?”

ME: “Get me a cloning machine and I’ll pump out more episodes.”

OTHER GUY: “How about you just get off of Facebook?”.

Wow. Okay. Let’s analyze this step by step shall we?

POINT ONE: I don’t adhere to deadlines for personal projects because I’m not losing out. If it takes a month to go up, then it takes a month. I have enough projects with deadlines right now. Adding more is only going to hurt myself and my enthusiasm for my **personal** project. Fiascocast was meant to be a monthly show anyway, giving me an entire 30 days to get the thing online and it means I can work it around my schedule.

POINT TWO: I owe this person nothing. As the creator/imitator (because let’s face it, SModcast was here first) of the show, I choose who goes on. Usually, me and Jordan have it covered. Yes, our nameless antagonist may end up on the show, but am I losing out if he doesn’t? he?

POINT THREE: Let’s ignore my slackness for the moment. It takes about 2-3 hours per podcast to get set up, test the mic and record the show with warts and all. It then takes me about 3-6 days to edit it. Breaking this down, this timeframe includes:

-A rough edit to roughly figure out how much I’ll end up cutting

-A small respite from the rough cut.

-A finer cut, removing anything I find boring/uninteresting, any breaks in dialogue. I also use this as an opportunity to change topic. Playing with filters and effects to get rid of any noise issues.

-Addition of music, encoding, and upload to last.fm.

-Lastly, I’m a perfectionist, even if it is “for fun”. I’d prefer to take my time and upload something I’m 100% happy with (taking content into account of course) than upload something with mistakes and sound issues and soforth.

Add school, projects for school and other stuff I’m working on into the mix, and sometimes… it just doesn’t happen yo’!

POINT FOUR: Aside from any criticisms of content, length et. al. I’m taking time out of doing other things to provide content for free. It costs me time and patience, it costs the listener nothing but time and bandwidth.

Andrew “Gunnarolla” Gunadie went into a similar rant in the following video.

Another experience I’m still cranky about dealing with is during HiOP’s release, when someone who KNEW I was at school and doing work started getting on my arse about releasing the next episode, that being at school was no excuse and that we had to stick to a deadline.

Now yes, we had a deadline. I whole-heartedly agree. But I just started my course at school and -if I recall, was into preproduction of one of the first projects.

While this doesn’t give me a license to flaunt my inherent laziness, a little slack would be nice. Again, I’m accountable only to myself if I don’t stick to a deadline and guess what? We had to break the deadline anyway because I was on shoots partway through.

Again, this content is free. I charge nothing for FiascoCast or Hell is Other People and it’s not like either of them are going to magically disappear from the internet if I don’t stick to a schedule. I’m spending my time and effort doing this for myself and others. A little understanding that sometimes, shit just doesn’t happen. Nobody is at a loss here.


Until next time…


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