This conversation happened when Niamh got home about a week ago:

NIAMH: I read your blog. you whinge too much

ME: Yeeeah, you’ll get used to that.

So to amend this. Happy update! Or, a less whingy update.

I’m now 27. I got heinously drunk on ALL THE BOOZE!

I am now career-focussed and figuring all the good shit will indeed happen later. Time to do work-things now.

I have a ton of stuff I’m working on. More on that later.

My friends are amazing, awesome and amazingly awesome.

I celebrated Free Comic Book Day by spending money

I’m happier as a result of most of these things.

If 2011/2012 were important years for myself, then 2013 will be an important year for Compound Fiasco Productions. All of my film school stuff will be distributed through them and we’ll be starting work on our first new media project since “Hell is Other People”.

(spoiler alert: No, it’s not HiOP2. HiOP2 is circling the drain of development hell. Your condolences can be shared in the comments section)

As usual, I don’t want to say too much, lest it doesn’t happen (or doesn’t happen the way I planned), but it’s going to be a big year. Outside of school stuff, FiascoCast! and the doco with Luis, June-onwards will be dedicated to this new project.

June also means I can start driving again (“And the world wept”, I believe is the continuation of that sentence).


Looking back through. I’ve done a LOT which was on my bucket list. I can’t be any prouder of myself than what I am now (at least as far as personal accomplishments are concerned).

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