Oh hey, didn’t see you there, I was just uh, you know, just hangin’ with TOM FREAKIN’ DICKINS!

Man what an amazing gig that was. A good 30/40 of us all seated in a refitted old newsagency in Enmore. It was really nice and intimate.

I’ve always liked smaller shows like this. The gigs in dodgy pubs or hole-in-the-wall venues, the local bands, the onstage banter… I think the largest venue I’ve been to in recent memory was the Sydney Opera House, and that was to see Kevin Smith.

It was interesting seeing Tom do his thing as  a solo artist and not as part of the Jane Austen Argument (which he did brilliantly. There is not enough praise I can heap on Tom -or Jen for that matter)

Not only that, but I ended up getting an interview with Tom before the show started (which will be up on Screaming Silence in the next few days if time allows -along with a gig review), all planned at the last minute and recorded on my phone for a total of 10 minutes. Not too bad for a two-bit journo whose past work was mostly ranting about video games, eh?

In other news, I had a meeting recently with a promoter of a nightclub in Kings Cross. He wants to do some sort of promo/reality show focusing on the nightclub he works for. Keen to start work on that, though I fear current commitments may interfere with how much I can actually do. So far, my schedule in order of priority starting next semester is this:

1) School. Though, semester break and the inevitable end soon, so that will free up LOADS of time.

2) Project with Luis/Well Fed Productions

3) Kiana (short film with Hallam)

[I kinda see this new thing slotting in about here… maybe a little to the left]

4) FiascoCast (only down here because frankly, I can do that of an evening and it was meant to be a flexible project)

5) Various musicy things I’d like to get started

Obviously things chop and change and can be moved around to suit, but the above is generally where I see things slotting in.

If all goes well, I can keep going creatively and have it not affect things too much. If worse comes to worse, I may end up back in the world of nametags, crappy uniforms and hairties… Next semester/rest of year/well into the next I intend on working my arse off or get very very sick trying. Fuck ‘Plan B’… as some might say…

For now though, I shall ponder my immediate future. Namely the eternal question of heading out to a party or staying in with cups of tea and a movie.

Till next time…


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