After some video-browsing, I vaguely remember this existed.

I entered an audiovisual art project by Matthias Fritsch called “Music From the Masses”. In which he’d release a video for musicians around the world to make a song for. I submitted my entry a while back, a little dance track called “Hello World”. To this date it’s recieved a rather impressive (for me, at least) 8,000+ views.

Fritsch is probably best known for his video of “Technoviking”, an internet meme long before everyone was all “Y U NO” this and “trollface” that. It featured, well. A guy resembling a viking dancing to techno. (nb. Video below is a mirror. not the original from Fritsch.)

I’d love to work with Matthias again, personally. Be it doing music or video (probably video. It’s kinda my thang now. Though Music from the Masses would be an awesome sound design exercise!)


Just thought I’d share this little piece of my past with you guys. Looking back it wasn’t exactly the best song I’ve put together, but I still have a soft spot for it.

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