Quick post whilst procrastinating from doing callsheets. Thought I’d share with you a bunch of stuff I read and love.

First up is Notes of a Dead Professor, run by one of my nearest and dearest, Allie Liz. Lots of anecdote sharing, linking, drawing and vlogging! Like this blog, only far more talented and far less boner jokes. Show her some love.

Next is The Writer’s Guide to Staying Single, an article by Mike Spry over at The Smoking Jacket which is worth a giggle or two, perhaps even a cackle if you’re that way inclined. Within it’s “six easy steps to permanent bachelorhood” is advice like:

-“Develop a subtle dependence on alcohol, just enough to make you an asshole, but not enough to kill you.”
-“Avoid songwriting and guitar-playing at all costs. These could lead to your poetry finding an audience, which could lead to a girlfriend.”

Speaking of staying single (and due to my love of the Jane Austen Argument), I also highly suggest watching this:

Quiiick bit of self promotion. I have an Instagram account. Originally I started doing it as a bit of a “let’s see how terrible of a hipster I can be”, but I’m having a bit of fun playing with all the filters and stuff.

And lastly, another video. A surreal comedy short film by Luke Wood and Dylan Morphett titled “It’s All Gouda” which I was fortunate enough to go to the premiere of

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