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So it’s Friday. I’ll leave the atrocious singing to you guys. But I’ve been entertaining the idea of keeping some sort of schedule happening so this blog doesn’t get all neglected and I actually write something. The first of these I am kicking off at a rainy 2:00am after my fifth cigarette of the evening. Not sure what I’ll call it, but it’s film related. Film-School friday? Film friday? I dunno. Point is, these will be written up on a Friday and will be film related…somehow.

So I wanted to kick off this tentative new friday-film-thing with a bunch of trailers and brief commentary on each. This will be rather NSFW. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

#5: Trainspotting

Actually, this one you could feasibly watch with the folks. Unless your parents are really conservative, they’ve probably seen it. An oldie but a goodie. Tons of Scottish accents and heroin use.

#4: Audition

Oh man… Freakin’ Audition. Japanese horror at its finest, directed by Takashi Miike in 1999. We studied this at IFSS as part of a lecture, the tutor (Stephen Davis) also gave us some insight into the film’s themes as well. I don’t recall ‘The Ring’ being this unnerving.

#3: Broken

Some might dispute this as being a film, given the context. This is an unreleased promotional video for the NIN album “Broken”. Featuring all the video clips with a snuff film narrative linking them all. Despite being unreleased, it’s pretty damned easy to get your mitts on.

#2: Short Bus

SEX! Now that I have your attention, Shortbus a candid and sometimes humourous look into sexuality, directed by the fucking brilliant John Cameron Mitchell (Hedwig and the Angry Inch).

#1: A Serbian Film

Banned in Australia (what else is new?). A Serbian Film is a rather horrific but technically brilliant film. Watch if you like being wooed by good filmmaking and don’t mind the occasional depiction of skull-fucking.

2 thoughts on “Five Flicks You Probably Shouldn’t Watch With Your Parents

  1. Hah, any Takashi Miike film is pretty bad to watch with your parents. I watched Ichi the Killer with my mom and that was pretty uncomfortable even though we have a relatively relaxed relationship. When I later popped in Visitor Q, I was relieved that we had watched Ichi the Killer first.

    Looks like I have a couple movies to watch though since I haven’t seen Broken or A Serbian Film and I love a good mindfuck.

    1. Luke S says:

      Serbian Film is amazing, but oh-so fucked up.

      In hindsight I should have added Battle Royale in place of Trainspotting. Oh well.

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