Time for another Friday Film Thing! Given the subject matter, I feel it apt to post this a day early… (that and I might forget)

So the following picture has been making the rounds lately. It’s allegedly two stills from the movie “Back to the Future II”…

Awesome, right? Given that it’s the 12th of July here as I’m typing this. Except, you know. It’s fake. Here’s a few others for you:

All of them, fakey fake fake.

As a member of the “I like to rant about trivial things on the internet” brigade and as a HUGE ‘Back to the Future’ fan, I cordially invite you all to shut the fuck up.

Behold, a cropped still from the movie.

Bam. There’s two dates there for you.  Both saying October 21st 2015.

“But Luke!” I hear you say -presumably travelling back in time after reading this to quiz me about it. “How do I know thats not photoshopped and we are actually in the future?”

First, logically, how can it be the future if we’re living in it? I’m pretty sure this is going against the Tenth Doctor line of thinking that time isn’t a line, but a big ball of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff but you could bring in all the best quantum physicists and all of them would tell us that this argument is stupid and they have better things to do like shoot things with the Large Hadron Collider.

There is no possible way this doesn’t shoot a giant fuck-off laser. LOOK AT IT! It looks like the lovechild of the Eye of Sauron and the Death Star

Second? Again, HUGE fan of Back to the Future. I even worked out the age I would be in 2015 so I wouldn’t look like a big twat when I went to buy my self-lacing Nike’s, self-drying jacket and hoverboard…

…Turns out I’ll be 30. Future-me regrets nothing. NOTHING I TELL YOU!

Thirdly? Here’s a clip from the movie, complete with transcription:

MARTY: “Where are we? When are we?”

DOC: “We’re descending toward Hill Valley, California. At 4:29pm, on Wednesday October 21st 2015”

MARTY: “2015?! You mean we’re in the future?!”


There. I’ve said it, the internet said it, and now the fucking movie said it. Can we now all give this a break and all wait feverishly for our hoverboards as one big nerdy collective?

“But Luke!” I hear you say after pulling up in a time machine you converted out of a Toyota Prius that you disappeared in five minutes ago to gatecrash the birth of Christ. “Why do you care so much? It’s a movie, this is the internet. You really do need a life, instead of sitting in your room all day talking to nobody on the internet.”

It’s kinda my thing. Has been for years. Besides, as soon as I buy a DeLorean and steal some plutonium from some Libyan terrorists, I’ll have all the time in the universe.

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