^That? Is what my brain is doing right now.

Most of the day I’ve spent on the balcony drinking tea, smoking and generally contemplating ALL THE THINGS!

…Well, all the things Compound Fiasco related anyway.

The initial plan was to “start up a production company that specializes in online content creation”. I techincally accomplished that back in ’05 when I was still doing Animalrights stuff. It came to full fruition in 2010/2011 when “Hell is Other People” was released.

I’m at the stage where the question now is “okay, now what?”. Or rather, “so I have this company. What the hell do I do with it?”

I’m still working on stuff. There’s the “Kiana” flick I’m doing with Hallam and a couple of things in the works with some of the HiOP crew which I need to finalize. So it’s not like I’m not working on anything. But the bigger picture and the future of the company is what’s on my mind at the moment.

So far, I’ve nailed it down to:

-Bridge the gap between traditional and new media distribution

-Establish new/maintain existing relationships with other groups/companies/other amazeballs artsy people and form an arrangement which will be mutually beneficial to the involved parties.

…and that’s pretty much as far as I’ve gotten in this draft business plan I’ve been struggling to type up.

I know I don’t want to turn it into a “network” a’la Machinima or Maker Studios. Not that there’s anything wrong with that and it fucking works. But that’s not how I see it. However I also want to expand into bigger things and expanding the CFP brand a bit once we “go legit”. Previous ideas, such as CFPMedia and all it’s little tendrils of subsidiaries seem way too big to do properly and could very well end up sending me broke.

But then, what’s wrong with expanding THAT much and going big, anyway? Start some sort of Krispy Kreme-fueled media empire, AND I SHALL RULE AS IT’S KING!


On the OTHER hand, we have HiOP, film, FiascoCast, plus whatever else I’ll try and slap the logo onto. I think this is what was so nice about doing “Keep Australia Colourful”. It’s a step away from all the business stuff. If I consider my film career a glorified hobby, then KAC is a plain ol’ hobby, like video games or reading or you know, not worrying about funding or future plans or shit like that. It can just exist on it’s little corner of the internet and not bother anyone.

Point is, all these things can happen, but not all of them will be beneficial. That’s what I have to work out.

I think the next logical step is to talk to someone who has a little more experience in this sorta thing so they can talk me out of (or even into) all the big crazy ideas that are currently smacking between the hemispheres of my brain, bumping off other thoughts like “you ever think Mickey and Mister Myagi ever hung out, knocked back a few beers and traded horror stories about the dumbass kids they’re training?”


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