Recently I picked up my old Polaroid camera (the foldable 600 series. Came out around 1999 or so I think) from my folks’ place. After a quick eBay search, it seemed that I’d need to harvest body organs or take out a personal loan to buy film for it again.

Thankfully Brendon and Jacqui have tipped me in on this group called ‘The Impossible Project’, who snapped up the last Polaroid factory in Enschede, The Netherlands and has started producing new film for Polaroids. While still rather pricey for what you’re getting -especially because the IP film is nowhere near as good as the original stuff, but is a nice little trip down memory lane nevertheless.

I’ve always been a fan of instant photography (because let’s face it. Polaroid cameras are pretty awesome) and that has been something I’ve never really grown out of. It’s also about the most I’ll get into the film side of cameras. It’s got this nice little niche appeal to me. Besides, it develops itself. Perfect for the lazy sod who can’t be bothered going to the photography store to drop off/pick up film.

Back to Impossible Project. As I said, film’s nowhere as great as the original Polaroid stuff. I find it’s a bit grainer and more temperamental. This could also very well be the fact I’m still getting the hang of things and don’t quite remember all the little quirks that the camera has. It’s been fun though, seeing what works and what doesn’t.

Going with this theme, I’m currently eyeing off what’s commonly known as a “Holgaroid”. A Holga medium-format camera (usually -from what I’ve seen, a 120FN or 120CFN) with a modded backing so it takes Polaroid film. Pricey to get together (around $220), but the film’s much cheaper and more widely available. Plus hey, it’s a Holga. Isn’t that what all the cool kids (pumped-up kicks optional) are using these days?

At least that’s the plan, anyway. Here’s hoping it works out


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