I’ve been stewing on this entry for a while. It’s original inception would have been a pretty vitriolic rant, then I figured I have enough of those on here/Livejournal/Facebook/Twitter (fuck, even Dailybooth when I still used it) to fill up the same amount of pages wasted on the 50 Shades trilogy.

Instead, figured to mix it up a little and post something perhaps a little heartfelt.


If you are reading this, chances are you’re somewhat tolerant of my angsty, hyperactive (and perhaps caffeine-fueled) anxiety/depression-riddled bullshit. Or at least find it amusing enough to continue watching my trainwreck of an existence run its course (which hey, is fine too… I guess. You heartless bastard).

While yes, a lot of it is very much speaking from privilege and a “first world problems” perspective, I have been through quite a bit, causing much unneeded stress and angst and other mental fuckery. A lot of it has been smaller stuff which has simply added up over time, but a few major things have happened the last few years. Most of it I do not wish to talk about on such a public forum, but hey, email me or something… Hell, let’s go out for a beer sometime. I’ll get drunk and spill my guts then.

While not everyone has been entirely helpful -and I’m not going to name names, the amount of support I’ve had (even from so-called “unhelpful people”) has been a little overwhelming. The vast majority of you have been understanding enough of what you guys know of the situation that isn’t purely overreaction that… Well, fuck. I’m grateful. You have no idea.

It’s been a while after the fact and I’m mostly back on my feet now. I still have a few shit days and there’s still a lot I’m working out and/or having trouble with, but I’m getting there. Thankfully the majority of 2012 has been positive as well. So that’s helped.

So again, thanks. from the bottom of my heart. You’re all fucking amazing people.

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