Another five days, another film done and I couldn’t be happier.

I’m fucking proud of this flick-moreso than “Terror By Night” – and if anyone knows how much I loved shooting my schlocky horror-comedy, then you’d know that I damn-well mean it when I say this. In spite of the lack of time to finalize everything due to various issues on my end from being sick, to not hearing back from places, to actors not turning up and god knows what else it ended up being one of my best experiences in filmmaking and during my time at IFSS.

I had a stellar script, an awesome crew/cast and one of the best damned cameras on the market today to capture it all. I couldn’t ask for anything else right now…Except someone to maybe help me transcode five days of 4k resolution footage. Certainly not looking forward to that.

As with my entry on Terror By Night, this won’t be without it’s heartfelt words of praise, so without further ado:

Mark: You’ve been a massive help from the beginning man. You almost made this god-damn fat kid have a happy cry when you said you wanted to shoot my flick and while that didn’t happen, you took on the role of AD like a goddamned sir and kept the shoot rolling smoothly. Was amazing to work with you again, on my graduating film no less.

Reabar: Despite one or two instances where I felt I may as well have pissed off for a smoke and let you do all the work for me, you have been one of the finest DP’s I’ve worked with. Looking back at the footage, I was highly impressed with the results. Thankyou.

Mackie: Hadn’t worked with you before (to my recollection) and honestly, would work with you again in a heartbeat. You -along with Mark kept everything light-hearted and were an asset to the crew.

Dee: As with TBN, thankyou for being soundie. Always a pleasure working with you, as was working on your own film in the first week. You’re fucking amazing.

Simon: Heh heh, poor bastard. Always a pleasure sir and thankyou for tying up any loose ends that I didn’t due to my herping the derp. Looking forward to the photos/video!

Gabi: Again, don’t move to LA. I’ll be upset if you do. Your work on set was great and appreciated the work you put into pre-production. INCLUDING getting us a pub to shoot in. I owe you one. Many, in fact.

Laura: Thanks for coming in on such short notice. Great working with you again!

Ash: Thanks for the amazing week sir. You made sure I didn’t go completely nuts, pulled more strings than I was expecting, got me my last minute actors, helped out from day fucking one and made sure I got where I needed to be come shoot time. While we didn’t work on TBN as much as I’d like, having you as a producer on my graduating film more than made up for it. Till next time, man.

Luke: Shoulda just cast you on day one, man. You nailed Ethan and gave him the voice he needed. Was awesome getting to know you and shooting shit about film/tv in the downtime. Thanks for everything. Hopefully we can work together again soon.

Jennifer: My only regret is that I gave you less screentime than you deserved (along with giving you the bitchy ice-queen role). Was awesome working with you.

Cassady: Pleasure as always. Was great working with you again and our next production together won’t come soon enough. Also, remind me to give you a role that isn’t the love interest for once. ;P

Margareta: Like everyone else in the cast, exceeded all expectations. Was great working with you again!

Daniel: After this and ‘Don’t Think’, I feel I owe you a normal role for once, eh? Thanks for being my last-minute Troy and voiceover guy. Pleasure as always.

Diab: As I said post-auditon, was hoping to work with you after we met at the Kiana auditions. You took my basic gist for Brian and turned him into a character I honestly would love revisiting again someday. Thankyou for your work, hope our paths cross again sometime!

Chris, Jordan, Brendon, Michael, Jacqui, Liz, David, Ushter, Dicky, Andy and Emily: Thanks for being ad-hoc party guests. Felt like ye olde webseries days where I was fucking around with my friends and a production somehow happened. You guys are awesome.

Also… Balls on face, balls on face, balls on face.

Additional thankyous and praise to Brenton and Brendon, for dealing with a week’s worth of navigating around sleeping producers and film gear, The various lecturers and consultants at IFSS for the help with the flick, Stephen and the rest of the staff at Kings Comics for letting us shoot at the store, Adair and her housemates for letting us shoot at your apartment, Staff over at Una’s Cafe for giving us the entire upstairs pub to shoot in,  and -to a lesser extent, every woman I’ve had a failed relationship or otherwise slept with, who prompted me to write what essentially began as a cathartic exercise in screenplay format. Certainly more fun than just drunkenly bitching you out via a phonecall!

What’s next? Drowning my sorrows in Dr. Pepper during transcoding tonight, surviving another four weeks of shoots and finally editing this thing.

Until next time you wonderful lot!


P.S. As I feel this ended up being the theme(s) to the shoot, couldn’t help myself

P.P.S: Another music video, because it ended up being linked via six degrees of Scrubs:

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