So. New Years Day. The day where most of us brush off the ills of the year gone past and start afresh with a blank slate, usually whilst nursing the mother of all hangovers and an injury or two

Happy New Yea-OH GOD MY FACE!

It’s also the time of year where people put together some commendable goals in the hopes that their life will improve. Some small and realistic, some so mind-numbingly unachievable that it’s a wonder how they manage leaving the house without flying headlong into a mental breakdown.

As many of you know, I’m a fan of spectacle, so I thought I’d do a quick year in review for the years gone past and share a few goals of my own.


2011 was ultimately, the shittiest year that was ever shitted into existence by a giant shit-demon named Shit-thulhu. 2 failed relationships, lost a few friends, was sent headlong into a mental breakdown where even a week-long chronic masturbation marathon seemed like too much effort.. Oh, and I started (and almost quit) film school.

As with anything though, shit got better and there were some good times. Just… not enough. Did I mention the mental breakdown thing? Yeah, I did.


A MASSIVE improvement. Things did end up getting better and ultimately, 2012 wasn’t that bad at all. I completed two of the most enjoyable and fun films I’ve ever written, Finished film school, started work on a few other projects and generally stayed creatively active.

I recovered from aforementioned breakdown, changed a lot of my attitudes which were holding me back, reconciled with a couple of people, started doing volunteer work, things were good.

Not great though. There were issues, but I managed to sail through them pretty well.


Gotta say, fucking excited as hell for the coming year. I have a bunch of projects happening, more on the way and can’t wait to see how things pan out. 2013 is the year where I’m going to actively do shit and get my life back on the rails and start doing some of that ‘living’ thing you guys keep talking about. This will be the first and last time I will unironically say “YOLO, BITCHES!” in this blog.

Resolutions, I has them!

So I’ve kept mine pretty reasonable and catered to what I can handle physically and mentally at the moment. Nothing’s worse than running out of gas midway though  because you were pushing things way too hard. So without further ado (and in no real order):

-Do More YouTube Shit

Vlogging, skits, scripted content, whatever. I couldn’t do a lot of this in film school because of the workload and I had a million other things I felt were more of a priority (you know, like not being kicked out of the one proverbial basket I put all my eggs in). So I want to get this underway again and see if I can make things happen. Especially with the Compound Fiasco channel.

-Cut back on smoking

I’m sure I can faintly hear the cheers of anyone who has spent time with me in the last six months (yes Luke “Killjoy” Sanders, I’m looking very much in your direction!). That’s right, cutting back on the cancer sticks. If anything, because it’s a major hit to the finances I simply don’t have. It’ll be hard as hell though.

You see, I’m quite fond of smoking. It’s one of the few vices I actually have (the other one being video games which, shit. Is pretty tame in terms of vices). I quit drinking heavily wayyy back in the day so I only do that when the mood takes me (which is a rarity. I’m more of a tea/coffee person), there are very few drugs I intend to mess around with in my lifetime, so that leaves cigarettes.

Unfortunately, they’re also fucking expensive. The cheapest I’ve seen my brand is $13.70 which… well, isn’t exactly pocket money for me right now. There’s also a myriad of other issues that are of a casual concern, so perhaps it’s high time I start looking at alternatives. I joined the e-cigarette bandwagon in early 2012, so I think I might jump back on it… As much as the current setup I have tastes of sadness and buttholes.

-Write for Cracked is one of my most-visited websites. Writing is one of my favourite pastimes and Cracked is always looking for writers. Why the fuck not?

I’ve dabbled in the past with ‘Cracked-style’ writing and is partially the purpose of this blog. I also wrote a ‘topics’ article way back in the day which… well, was decently received by the two people who read it. So I think it’s high time I put my money (and boner jokes) where my mouth is and see if I can get some articles happening.

-Get Compound Fiasco Productions up and running

Buy equipment! Make films! Be awesome!

….Yeah, that’s about as far as this plan has reached since ‘Hell is Other People’ first dropped.

I have a shitload of ideas for my little production company and all of them rely on me a) having ideas and b) buying new tech. The current plan is to turn CFP into a transmedia production company. Here’s hoping it works.

This also ties into the YouTube thing, which is kinda what CFP is all about. The rest? Coke and hookers, like any other media mogul.


…what, you expected any different?

-Drink more water

I thought I could get away with doing a resolution list without a health improvement in here, but it seems unavoidable. I do really need to drink more water and cut down on the sugary goodness of coke, energy drinks and so on. Like the smoking, though. I love my sugary drinks. So again, this’ll be a toughie. Though, having no money and the fact we’re in the middle of summer here in Australia is certainly helping!


So that’s about it. I’m sure I’ll come up with more and sneakily ninja-edit them in before anyone reads it.


Till next time.



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