Yep. More Auspol ranting. But I’ll try and make this one less ranty and perhaps informatiVBWAHAHAHAH! We both know that’s not going to happen, dear reader.

now, look. If you’re reading this and we’re Facebook friends and/or you’re in my phone’s address book, I probably find you enough of a decent human being, or at least have enough redeeming qualities that aren’t politics which I admire. I’m also aware I’m probably not going to change anyone’s opinion on who to vote for because most people have been dead-set since the first election date was announced by Julia Gillard.

Though, if you’re smart, don’t vote Liberal. I honestly can’t think of a political party more incapable of running a country. Well,  One Nation, maybe. But they haven’t been relevant for about a decade.

Seriously though, we do have an election coming up, so if you’ve bothered to read this far into this post, please heed the following.

I don’t care WHO you vote for, just don’t -under any circumstances, waste your vote.

I don’t mean “don’t waste your vote” by voting for non-labor/liberal parties such as The Greens, or The Sex Party, because honestly, these parties ARE relevant and CAN make a difference if enough people vote for them.

I mean “don’t waste your vote” by… well, not voting. By thinking it’s all a big joke, by making a donkey-vote.

Furthermore, don’t waste your vote  by not voting and then start kicking up a stink because [xyz-party] got in, or [abc-party] is fucking up the country. You had your voice, and instead you just barked like a braindead seal and quoted inane memes from 4-Chan. you have no right to complain because we’re getting fucked up the arse by Completely-Inept-Government-Du-Jour.

I have a strong hatred for anti-intellectualism as it is, and nothing pisses me off more than anti-intellectualism where politics -something that can actually make a difference, are concerned.

If you think that “all politicians are the same”, you are wrong.

If you think that “you don’t get a say in your own country”, you are wrong.

If you want to start running your mouth about corporate interest and how they have more sway than politicians do, well, you’re probably right, but don’t let that cloud your perception that you, a member of the unwashed masses on this piece of rock we took by force, can make a difference.

Do your research, use the Triple J Vote Compass-thingy if you’re that lazy and don’t know who to vote for, hell, listen to the Bolt Report and read the Daily Telegraph if you absolutely have to and you have no soul.

But seriously, don’t fuck this up.

Till next time…


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