Largely off-the-cuff and about a week late because I’ve been away. Time to play catchup! Bear with me.

I saw Seth Sentry last week. It was fucking brilliant. Him and the openers (Grey Ghost, Mantra) fucking killed it. Glad I went. Glad my first hip-hop gig was seeing the guy who raps about hoverboards.

Granted, it was in a crowded music venue and I was more toward the front than I prefer, so I got pushed around a small bit. Still had lots of fun. Want to do it all again already. Waaaah!

I am so not excited about this election. Australian politics bore me at the best of times (especially now with Julia out of the picture, I can’t be all “girl power” and “fuck the patriarchy”. YAWN) Labor and Liberal shit to me to tears and I fear the latter has a strong chance of getting in this year. Lie back and think of England, I suppose.

It wouldn’t bother me if -under Abbott, the Liberal party seems to have swung into the depths of conservatism that I dare not tread, in fear of losing my IQ. It also wouldn’t bother me if the media weren’t so intent on sucking Tony Abbott’s withered old cock.

I’ll let that mental image sink in.

Tired to death of hearing about Batfleck. So done. Affleck is a solid actor. Snyder is a solid director. Enough about Batfleck already.

Miley Fucking Cyrus. REALLY?! Nobody saw her one-way ticket into attempting to revamp her image into someone/thing more ‘ardcore? It happened with Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. Old habit do not die easily in the Mickey Mouse Club, it seems.

Wait, Miley was a Disney alumni, right? I’m an old man and I can’t keep up with your current generation y with their hippity-hop and their yoloswag.

Yeah, yeah, it was in poor taste and stunk the wafty stank of casual racism. Let’s all remember that it was a dipshit 20 year old acting like a dipshit 20 year old. Can we all just agree to not feign shock and disappointment over whatever latest pop-starlet-turned-gangsta-chic-chick appears on the TV? Thanks.

And quit with the slut shaming. For fuck’s sake.

Comic Book Men is pretty fucking great. Apparently it’s finally hit Australia. Anyone into Kevin Smith and/or comic books, hit it up.

On that note, the Sandman and American Gods TV adaptations should be out already. Chuck in High Cost of Living/Time of Your Life and Anansi Boys if you need more material. Just… fuuuuck. Gimme my damn stories already!

Actually, no. Scratch that. I want to shoot a High Cost of Living flick. Fuck off HBO.

(just kidding. I love you, HBO)



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