So a friend of mine from ye olde stomping grounds visited me a few weeks ago. We were shooting the shit and eventually he quipped “you know, I’d really like to write a novel some day”. Naturally -me being someone who threw away any sense of responsibility and job loyalty to go to film school, immediately went into “MAKE ART!” mode and more or less said that he had no excuses not to. If anything, because everyone should be as miserable as I am now I’m not earning a steady paycheck and relying on people to be really generous with tips.

But honestly, If I can impart any advice to any readers of this blog? You have no damn excuses not to go out and do what you want to do.

I’m not saying it’s easy, I’m not saying you’ll be appreciated for it, hell, most people won’t even be into what you’re doing. Even worse, they might not even understand why you’re doing it in the first place. Who cares? Throw caution to the fucking wind and make some art. More importantly, make a whole lot of bad art and get better so you can make good art.

Got kids and a mortgage? Great, I know people in that same situation.

No time? Make some time.

No finances? We live in a Kickstarter world, boyo.

Can’t write/draw/make films/dance/play an instrument? Then go out there and fucking learn, find someone to help you, or work it out yourself. I -a not very smart man, made a webseries armed only with a camera, a DVD collection spanning into the hundreds, and faint memories of how the layout looked in the shooting script to “Beavis and Butt-Head Do America”.

No excuses. None. Ever.

A wise man with an impressive beard once said “Art can’t save the world, but it makes the world a lot easier to take”.

An equally-wise-if-not-wiser, with an equally-impressive-if-not-more-impressive-beard said “There’s no time for plan B. Fuck it.”

What risks are there? That you’re going to be putting your heart and soul into something that -sooner or later, people might enjoy? Could it be that you might find something you’re good at? OH NO! It’s not often I side with the #YoloSwag generation, but let’s face it, you really do only live once.

I mean, fuck. What’s the point of working in a shit job you don’t like, dealing with people you don’t like, in a shit little town you don’t like, if there’s no counterbalance? Why live in a “shoulda, coulda woulda” bubble filled with meaningless excuses? I’m not even talking to people who want to be creative, either. Shit, go plant a tree or something if that’s what you always wanted to do. Anything your heart desires is within your grasp. Whether you bother reaching out is up to you.

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