It’s rare that I jump out of bed to do a blog post, so let’s hope it was worth the foregoing a sleep-in till the crack of Noon.

While trawling through the internet on my phone this morning when this doozy came up on my Facebook. Clicking through the link it was as horrible as it sounds. I googled ‘A Voice For Men’ (which I won’t link here ’cause they ain’t worth the traffic. Yes, even the two people who read my blog). Typical MRA “boo hoo feminazis are bad” shit. Yawn.

Just once, just fucking once I’d like to see an MRA that doesn’t make me want to vomit blood. Honestly I think it’s a good idea for men to have a support group, a resource for when they face issues (especially because men are so often brought up to be the “leaders” and that showing some amount of humility or weakness just means you may as well surrender your dudebro card -whatever that is), but SO MANY of them are steeped in anti-feminism shit like this mob is. Men’s Rights Agency in QLD is about the closest I’ve come (standing up for men and being a typical wanky MRA, whilst still acknowledging the equality of women) and even then I want to punch myself in the cock for reading it.

Damnit guys, you had one job.

Feminism is a GOOD thing. for both MEN and WOMEN, except the stereotypical opinion of “feminism” equates to “fat, hairy, man-hating radfem Lesbian” so it’s rare that anybody actually acknowledges this. I’ve met more feminists who I got along with than I did ones I disagree with and if that makes me brainwashed by some sort of feminist agenda, then hand me some Kool-Aid and a ticket to Jonestown.

I get it. Men can be raped or in abusive relationships, too. Men are at times slighted by the system in favour of women in need, and Men are objectified just like women. I’ve been in some situations like these myself and it’s a terrible state of affairs. Here’s the kicker: The resources are there for men and women to utilize, and here in Australia? There’s One in Three. They seem pretty legit and a quick look at the resources tab gives me a mind-bogglingly large amount of resources available. For men to say “what about me?” is laughable. It’s always about us, and most of the problems you can blame the Patriarchy for anyway.

Or to put it another way:

“And if you’re the type who wants to pipe up with “men also get raped,” or “men also suffer physical abuse at the hands of women,” could you try shutting the fuck up for five seconds? Would it be OK with you if the endemic victimisation and abuse of women could be discussed without you demanding the spotlight be focused on you? In case you’re too stupid to understand, bringing this up doesn’t come across as you saying “here is an important topic that also needs to be discussed.” It comes across as “rape isn’t as big a deal as you say and I’m not comfortable with a discussion unless I dictate the terms of what’s being discussed.” So shut the fuck up.

Rape and violence against men perpetrated by a woman is a real and serious issue. But how about we have one conversation at a time rather than you going “yeah, yeah but let’s talk about me.” If that’s too much for you then just shut the fuck up. You’re not worth bothering with.” – Angry Aussie



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