A semi-sequel to my other post.

Miley Fucking Cyrus… Again.

Apparently Sinead O’ Connor has tried to reason with everyone’s favourite trainwreck(ing ball) and tell her exactly what anyone with 5/10ths of a brain thinks of the current state of the music industry. Miley has gone and poked fun at Sinead’s mental health. Sinead ragequit and used LAWYERS! It’s super-effective.

Now, I like Sinead. Her name’s even great to say and anyone who ends up on a TISM album cover is fine in my books, but you’re trying to reason with someone whose lifetime achievements include humping a foam finger at the VMA’s. Pick your battles, love.

Also, what’s with the cornucopia of bad Miley pictures, lately? You can’t throw a dead cat around without seeing the “Grillz” screencap from that horrible “We Can’t Stop ” video at the moment.

Seperated at birth?

Can we be a little more tactful with our press photos, media? Seriously…

Lorde hit #1 spot on Billboard

Aw yiiiis. To be honest I didn’t think much of Lorde to begin with but “Royals” ended up growing on me like a bad rash. And.. well, anything that appears on “A Dose of Buckley” and doesn’t get torn the fuck apart is alright with me.

It seems AU/NZ has been invading the fuck out of our neighbours across the pond as of late. Well, Seth Sentry and Lorde anyway. Good on ’em.

Speaking of Seth Sentry…

I’m not seeing Seth Sentry next week. But I’m seeing Brendan Maclean, who is just as great.

Funny story, actually. He was doing a gig at the Newsagency as a part of Miss Little’s residency. He invited Paul Mac (Yes, THAT Paul Mac) along. Who obliged. So I was in a room with Brendan Maclean and Paul Mac. Not sure how to deal with it, so I dealt with it like a massive dork.

So business as usual.

Anyway, yes. Brendan Maclean. It’s a house-gig. Ever been to one? No? There’s a blog post about ’em coming up, probably.

Another week, another idiot fratboy sends out a “how to get rapey” email.

Seriously, guys?

Also, Clementine Ford reminded me that the creepy white guy who likes “orientals” exists.

Call me old-fashioned, but what happened to… you know, not treating women like shit? Talking to them, sharing ice-cream over Bridget Jones’ Diary, that sorta thing? For fuck’s sake, people.

I’m no expert and I’m far from fucking perfect. Somehow I can still get laid without getting drunk college chicks “grind on my dick”.

Don’t even get me started on CWG. I get it, asians are attractive. Doesn’t mean you get to be a racist douchepistol.


You can fuck right off too, sir.

Penn Jillette is making a movie

Penn Jillette also wants to be a bad guy in the movie.

I am completely fine with this idea and put down $40 to get this shit made. You should too.


anyway, this is turning into a “I’m just going to share shit that other people have done” post. So to round this off, I would like to announce that this photo exists:


Beard! Beard! Action Beard!

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