So I recently picked up a copy of the somewhat hard to get, lowest common denominator party game “Cards Against Humanity”. To answer the forthcoming questions: Yes, it’s pretty fucking foul, and yes, you should get it if you don’t mind that sort of humour. Just don’t play it with Grandma. She’ll send you to a nunnery (yes, even if you’re a dude) and let’s face it, she’s old and probably won’t get the references.

We finally had a game last night, which turned into two marathon-esque games equal to that of maybe half of a Lord of the Rings movie.

A few personal favourites of mine
A few personal favourites of mine

As someone who doesn’t really have a filter, or any major problem with profanity or what have you, none of the cards really caused me any distress. While I’m convinced that everyone in Casa de Ruku are going to hell, we’re all pretty thick-skinned adults here and really the game is like a bad movie: The worse it is, the funnier it gets.

But I can get why it’s not for everybody, and yeah, the cards can get pretty offensive. This guy took a lighter to one card in particular that was mildly transphobic, a move that the creator of the game supported. But then, where’s the line? Why do I have a problem with “date rape”, while “Pac-man uncontrollably guzzling cum” and “The Virginia Tech Massacre” are perfectly acceptable? What am I, the fun police?

Fig #1: Fun Police

I’ve considered making an “unacceptable” list and banning cards I deem too risqué, but on the other hand, it’s that sort of game. Then, what if I make an “unacceptable” deck and people are still offended? Should I have ponied up the cash for a Munchkin expansion or something? It’s a slippery slope that usually ends up in people going “fuck it, we’re playing Monopoly and ruining our friendships forever”.

I guess it comes down to who I’m playing with. I’ll let them know what they’re getting into, if there’s a card in there I know that will offend someone, I’ll take it out. If they’re still offended? I’ll try not to be a huge douche and say “It’s a jooooke. GAWD.”

I generally believe there is no such thing as oversensitivity these days. Every person is unique, have their own limits on what’s considered “too much”, and people should at least try and respect that. Basically, don’t be a dick and make a dead baby joke to someone who’s just had a miscarriage, call a disabled person retarded, or say that a lesbian just needs a good dicking and you’ll be fine. If you even do attempt it, prepared to be punched in the face, because you were being a dick. It’s a nasty trap I’ve fallen into many times myself when I was younger and it’s something I’ve weaned myself off of over time. Sure, there’s still a few rock-hard, purple-veined dick jokes in my repertoire, but there are some things that I’m not ever going to joke about and I’m generally more likely to filter my content depending on my audience.


Basically, take it from me kids, “fetus in a jar” jokes aren’t something you tell to someone who’s had an abortion.

A summary of my formative years.
A summary of my formative years.

I dunno, I try to be a quote-unquote nice guy and don’t go out of my way to be a dick to anyone. If it happens, they tend to get an apology pretty fucking quickly. Unless they deserved it. In which case, it’s probably a matter of perspective and I’ll come off as a dick anyway. I try not to use non-apologies or make excuses or whatever, just say “hey, I was a big dick to you. Sorry about all the pulsating and throbbing and general dick-like behaviour” and try to make amends. Or just keep a low profile and a tail-between-the-legs-exit before the balls-punching happens.

Incase you didn't get it already: I shouldn't be a comedian

Which is why non-apologies bug me so much, I guess. Especially from people who know better. Like, oh I don’t know, George Takei, who recently done goofed. I’ll leave you to do the obligatory “Oh Myyyyy!”

For the linkophobes (how you got here, I don’t know) basically, apparently he posted this picture:


And responded like this when he got called out on his bullshit:



I normally have no beef with good old Sulu. He’s funny, a pun-wizard, and y’know… George fucking Takei. So He kinda-sorta gets a pass with me. But I dunno. I mean, should a guy who’s probably experienced racial and sexual discrimination be ragging on the handicapped? Is he actually ragging on the handicapped? Have people just made a fuss about nothing or you know, does the picture kinda put disabled people in a shitty light, given most misconceptions are that they’re either completely disabled and entirely reliant on -in this case- a wheelchair, or -especially with the drooling rock-fuckers that make up right wing politics, “they’re faking it”?

Don’t get me wrong, I get it. A dear friend of mine who has to rely on a wheelchair has expressed their fear of being “found out” if they step out of their house.  and from the slew of blog posts that shine a light on the shitty parts of having a disability, it’s not a rare thing. Mental health and chronic illnesses in particular get a pretty bad rap with the “but you don’t look sick” crowd, which shits me to no end, being someone who has been diagnosed with a couple of things myself. I mean, what the fuck do you want? A diagram? A 30-page essay? Fuck…

I guess here comes the obligatory call-to-action, what do YOU think? Agree? Disagree? Is vetoing cards from Cards Against Humanity a super-fun-happy-slide to pulling out Candyland? Is oversensitivity a thing? Is George Takei a douche? Hit me up.


Till next time…


One thought on “On Offensiveness, Oversensitivity (and a little bit about George Takei)

  1. Pepper says:

    Personally, I have decided to throw out my filter. People with filters say much worse things than what goes on on an average day in my head.

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