Jesus Christ. Two childhood favourites in one year. Can you guys like, stop fucking dying for a minute or two?

Like pretty much everyone else from my generation, My childhood was pretty much filled with Robin Williams movies, TV shows and (much later on) stand-up. The amount of energy he brought to his performances was unbelievable. I can’t remember a time when -even with his shittier movies- that I wasn’t even a little bit impressed with his acting. Even if said acting was Williams making noises, yelling, and doing impersonations for an hour and a half (which really, sums up Aladdin when you think about it)

My personal favourite? Toys.  Yeah it kinda shat the bed at the box office, but it’s still a fun little movie. And hey, it was set in a goddamned toy store and you know, being 12 or so at the time of viewing, I was way into toys (judging by my current collection both here and in storage at my parents’ house, not a hell of a lot has changed. Few more have stayed in boxes than what used to, though).

I think to fully appreciate the questionable sanity of Robin Williams though, you kinda have to watch his stand up. While it wasn’t the life-changing, thought-provoking result that I got from watching Bill Hicks (who, by then I was way into), My first (and second, third, and fourth, and shit, god knows how many more) viewing of Live on Broadway was fucking phenomenal. The amount of energy, charisma and downright zaniness that he brought to a myriad of topics ranging from politics, to the Winter Olympics, to soccer, to sex, to terrorism and to drug use was wonderful and goddamn entertaining. Admittedly, the amount of swearing, double entendres and dick jokes helped.

I guess what really saddens me is that this incredibly funny, talented and intelligent man who was full of energy had (allegedly, at this point) committed suicide. I mean, I get it, Depression isn’t exactly picky when it comes to who’s day, week, or year to fuck up, but the goddamn Genie from Aladdin? The guy who got stuck in a boardgame one time? This guy? I guess it’s a little disheartening (yeah, even in my nearly-30’s) that the guys who made it big have the same problems and pitfalls as us mere mortals. Both Kim and I expressed how we’re both kinda surprised he made it this far, considering how long he’s been battling on for…


For what it’s worth, Thanks, you big loon. Thanks for the laughs, the movies and for being one half of why “August Rush” was slightly better than it should have been.

Till next time.



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