So I’m quitting smoking. As of May, I decided I shall be smoke free. Hopefully for good.

the last few times were not successful. The longest I’ve lasted was six months and around the six month mark the cravings really started to hit to the point where if I even smelled a waft of cigarette smoke, I’d immediately want like, ten of the fucking things. That time was because I was dating a non-smoker at the time and she didn’t know I partook in the cancer-sticks.

This time I want to do it for good, and for myself.

I have a few restrictions on my methods so far:

-No e-cigarettes. They don’t really solve the issue and my current kit needs maintenance I couldn’t be bothered spending money on.

-No one-for-one replacements. No replacing smokes with candy, or similar. Because I’ll end up spending just as much on candy and snacks and sugar as I would on the thing I’m trying to quit. Last time I attempted this I used Junior Mints and Starburst. That shit adds up.

Beyond that it’s fair game. So long as I stay off the smokes. If I have a smoke, then I get to start the whole process again the next day… I should probably come up with a better punishment than that, but anything I can think of is either going to be the fun kind of punishment, or I’ll end up relenting anyway.

I’ve been detailing the last few days on my personal Facebook, mostly for entertainment’s sake. Anything I post there will inevitably end up here and vice-versa. So if you’ve read days one and two already, feel free to skip those.

Without further ado…

Day one:

Cracked after 2 hours. Not aided by the fact work is already a clusterfuck.

Now loaded up on patches and the infernal QuitBuddy app ready for tomorrow, I guess.

But hey, for those two hours I saved $6 and was not exposed to 60mg of chemicals. That’s something, right?

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