Greetings you scrumptious fuck-cakes! Ruku here for the first time in… well, since that Biscoff post, actually. So whenever that was.

In these troubling and worrisome times, things have clearly changed. As such, so does my humble little blog that I maintain occasionally when I have something to get angry about.

So, big announcement, I guess: Don’t Eat the Felafel is Rebranding! (kinda…)

The name’s not changing, I like the name. It’s from one of my favourite movies. But the format is changing from “I could probably talk shit on Livejournal and not have to pay for hosting” and more of an e-zine-style format. Think The Pedestrian or Buzzfeed, with more dick jokes and references to video games and Trent Reznor.

All my old articles will stay up for posterity, and I’ll probably keep doing some op-ed stuff like “Music Snob”, but for better or worse, I’ll be attempting to bring in more contributors to write stuff and have a more organized selection of topics… or something.


…Via Patreon. But not paywalled. So two people will probably chip in five bucks or so and one of them will be my mum.

Whatever. Anyway, blog is changing, I’m not writing this by myself anymore. Let’s see how this turns out!

Till next time…

P.S. here’s a crap photoshop pic I did:

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