Seeing as I can’t stream this on Twitch because I’ll be very much banned, here’s a review instead.

Small thing about me, dear readers: I love business sims. Planet Coaster is currently my jam, as was Theme Park and The Movies before it. Man, I miss The Movies. Where’s my goddamn Steam release?!

Anyway, I’m also quite fond of porn. Because I’m a massive hornbag.

So when Huniepot decided to create a camgirl/porn/smut peddler business sim, I… actually didn’t know about it until I saw Markiplier do a playthrough and laughed my arse off. So I bought it after that and was ultimately, kinda disappointed.

Not even goth anime girls can save HunieCam Studio

In HunieCam Studio, the main thrust of the gameplay is to become a smut mogul in 21 days. Hire camgirls, make them do camgirly things, make sure they’re happy (or at least pepped up enough to continue doing camgirly things), rinse and repeat.

Unlike the smutty business sim I was hoping for, HunieCam Studio is a clicker. The gameplay is clicking, and then more clicking. There are several in-game upgrades to alleviate the clicking, but you still gotta click like you’re trying to pleasure your lover by doing Street Fighter combos. The mechanics are simple enough to learn, but getting the right combination of everything working properly is a pain in the ass. Once you find the inevitable game-breaking combo though, there’s a ‘Rock Hard’ mode for you to get stuck into (because of course there is).

Graphically, it’s kinda pretty for what it is, and I’m not just talking about the deluge of anime tits on display. The UI is designed well enough, and everything has this kinda cutesy mobile game feel about it. It looks like Candy Crush if all the candy was sex toys. Character artwork is good, too! HunieCam Studio also goes well in the sound department, despite being a bit repetitive (and whoever voices Lillian, Jesus Christ settle down). Overall it’s all well presented for what it is.

And that’s the safe-word here: For what it is, It’s a bit of alright. But what it is isn’t very much.

As much as HunieCam Studio is meant to be pretty simple (hell, the first game in the franchise, HuniePop was a match-three dating sim), I feel there was way more potential for the game to be more than it ultimately is. Maybe I’m just the wrong sort of sad, basement-dwelling nerd for HuniePot’s style of game (i.e. one-handed, probably), but my overall impression of HuniePop is -conveniently enough- is the same feeling I get after going on a cam site: Disappointment and shame. I would love to see a more business-oriented smutty tycoon game with this sort of simplicity and style; And hey, cute anime girls are always welcomed if not encouraged.

The other bugbear I have is that either the cash limit is too high or the 21-day deadline is too short to really get a firm grip on things. Sure it promotes replayability in one way or another, but your patience for trial and error definitely takes a solid pounding. You can, however, keep playing after the time limit is reached, so there’s that.

Overall, if you have no problem disappointing your parents and don’t mind clicker games, HunieCam Studio is worth checking out at least once (read: wait till it’s on sale for practically nothing). I just wish it was more robust and deeper, and given a bit more girth.

ARBITRARY NUMBERED SCORE: 5.5 ball-gagged Waifus out of 10.

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