So if you’re reading this, chances are you’ve been linked to it via whatever social networking site you happen to have me on, or you’ve stumbled upon this by accident.

Either way, you have my condolences.

But enough about you. Let’s talk about me.

The Guy

I’m Luke, better known around the internet as “Ruku”, “rukusan”, or -according to one YouTube troll, a “fat unfunny neck-bearded cunt”.

Since I’ve had access to the vast resources and darkest cesspools of the internet, I’ve blogged, vlogged, podcasted, webcomiced, ranted, raved, reviewed, written, musiced, modelled, MMORPG’d and short filmed pretty much anywhere people have let me┬áhave a platform. Complete with bad puns, pop-culture references and dick jokes. Basically, my life since I was 15 has been a big song-and-dance routine titled “PAY ATTENTION TO ME”, complete with showtunes.

I’m in the twilight years of my 20’s, in a happily committed relationship and somehow have avoided arrest, bankruptcy, being sued for slander or copyright, or being sat down by my parents and asked “are you sure you’re not gay?”.

Oh, and I tend to look like this:

I also like rubber ducks.


The Blog

Here you’ll find the too-wordy-for-Facebook, but not-whingy-enough-for-Livejournal rantings and ravings I carry on about here and there. Insights on my time at IFSS, filmmaking, music and the world in general, music videos, movie reviews, and general bloggy stuff you’ll find on any WordPress account on the internet…

I write from what I know. What I know is a considerably privileged, white, not-gay-enough-to-be-gay perspective. Simply put, I am a big dumb white guy with big dumb white guy opinions on things I have no business talking about. I do try and keep my privilege in check and have hopefully convinced enough people that I’m largely in the “not a complete shitstain of a human being” camp, but a lot of what I write in here is stream of consciousness, unedited, and generally, rage-filled. So expect a few lapses in judgement.

I try to keep the static-to-signal ratio up on this and I’m trying to work out a schedule for posting different stuff, but it tends to lapse.

At any rate, welcome! Enjoy your stay and don’t eat the felafel.

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