Stuff I’ve Done (and the Links That Join Them)

This is a grabbag of all the things I work on, have worked on, or intend to work on. Links where possible, explanations where needed.

Compound Fiasco Productions (2010-present)

Compound Fiasco Productions is my independent production company based in Sydney, Australia. Under the CFP banner, I have created the webseries “Hell is Other People” and the podcast “FiascoCast!”. We are currently producing the independent movie “Kiana”, a documentary co-produced with Well Fed Productions and are set to release a number of my film school projects under the title “Compound Fiasco Presents”.

-Hell is Other People

“Hell is Other People” is an 8 episode webseries I wrote and directed just before starting my studies at IFSS. Shot in just over eight months, it follows the hijinx of Peter (Jordan King-Lacroix), Mark (Brad Stubbs), Chris (Brendon Berndt) and Leanne (Corine Brown) as they live under the same roof in the same of good company, wild parties and avoiding angry landlords. This pretty much set the framework for a lot of the stuff I make now.


“FiascoCast!” is a pop culture/general topic podcast I host with Jordan King-Lacroix (and the occasional guest). It is currently released on a “when-we-all-get-time-to-do-it” basis.

Keep Australia Colourful (2012-present)

“Keep Australia Colourful” is my love letter to street art. A user-submitted photoblog project featuring some of the street art and murals found in alleys, streets and lanes in Australia, with the intention to show that such art can be beautiful and not just the “blatant vandalism” that people make it out to be.

 Animalrights (2005-2010)

“Animalrights” was an electronica music project I worked on for a number of years. Focusing on minimalist techno, IDM and trip-hop. Kinda a melting pot of everything I could throw together in Sony Acid.

Unfortunately I got lazy with it and didn’t have the tech to really take it anywhere. So I kinda abandoned it to do other things.

Ignore where it says “Buy this album”. Everything is free, free, free.

Outskirts of Orgrimmar (2007-2010)

“Outskirts of Orgrimmar” was a webcomic I worked on with Ben “Ozz” Osborne for a while. It was a World of Warcraft machinima comic. Sadly abandoned due to lack of time (and I quit playing WoW completely soon after due to other circumstances). I would love to pick this or similar up again one day. I miss it so.


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