Support me!

There are three possible reasons why you’re here.

1) You genuinely like my work and you want to support me

2) You clicked here instead of something slightly more interesting

3) You’re an ex-girlfriend/friend who is petty enough to enjoy seeing me participate in glorified begging.

For whatever reason you’re here, welcome, and thanks in advance for reading!

Y’see folks, in 2011 I quit my job to pursue more creative work and enrolled in a film school. I’ve always been sorta-creative, if vlogging, making short filmswebcomics and bad electronica music counts as creativity, but I never really considered it “a thing I could do for money”. Then YouTube made the mistake of partnering my work channel (and later, it got signed to Boom Video) and I saw the faint glimmer of dollar signs. You know, if I worked hard enough at it.

Given that I am apparently indefinitely unhireable by even the most blatant “nametags and hairnets” kind of jobs, the concept of making money doing what I enjoy is a wonderful thing. And heck, what have I got to lose?

So here we are now and thus, the entire point of this page.

If you truly, genuinely, absolutely like what I do; Be it on here, YouTube, Flickr, whatever and you feel my work is good enough to throw a couple of bucks at, then I have started an account over at Patreon for you to do just that. All I’m asking for is a measly $1 per month. Sure, you can donate more if you like (and you get stuff in return beyond my eternal love and gratitude), but honestly, a spare buck here and there is more than enough.

The money raised will go into keeping both this and Compound Fiasco’s websites up and running, keep my camera/sound equipment maintained, and making sure I can keep up with bills, rent, etc.